Housing Action Plan: Addressing Healdsburg's Housing Needs & Priorities

UPDATE: Implementation of the Housing Action Plan (HAP) was subject to the Healdsburg Housing Measure (Measure R), passing in November 2016. With the failure of Measure R, the first work assignment of the new Community Housing Committee will be to update the HAP to reflect the current Growth Management Ordinance (GMO) remaining in place, including omitting reference to amending the GMO and creation of a middle income category of affordable housing. Work on the revised HAP is anticipated to begin in August 2017.

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The Housing Action Plan (HAP), drafted by the Community Housing Committee (CHC) with input from residents, is a strategic plan that promotes more affordable and diverse housing in our community including multi-family rental units, small lot and higher density product types. The HAP establishes a vision for housing in Healdsburg that articulates the kind of housing we would like created in our community and sets quantifiable objectives of what should be accomplished by 2022 to achieve the vision. Progress on each objective will be assessed by setting a series of targets that demonstrate achievement of the objectives, and a series of recommendations that are defined programs and actions that need to be taken to meet the targets for each objective.
The City of Healdsburg's Housing Action Plan is a companion document to other policy documents that inform, shape and direct the character and type of growth occurring in Healdsburg. These include the Strategic Plan, the General Plan, the Housing Element (which is part of the General Plan), the Land Use Code, the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance (which is part of the Land Use Code), the Urban Growth Boundary and the City's Growth Management Ordinance

For more Information on discussions completed to date on the Draft Housing Action Plan see below:

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Attend the Community Housing Committee meetings held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Council Chambers at 401 Grove Street.